Interactive Stand Up Show

Engage your audience with an entertainment experience they can join in together!

With Brendan's stand up show, an energetic atmosphere is created among your guests as they are laughing like never before as their friends and colleagues are the stars of the show!

This customised, high energy presentation combines non-traditional magic, mind-blowing sleight of hand, mind stunts and cheeky pickpocketing mixed with quick wit comedy to create the ultimate show for your corporate or family audience!

This is adapted to suit your event's needs whether it is a 15 min wake up session or 40 min after dinner show. Also adaptable to the performance environment whether a conference or headlining festival show!


Mingling Magic

Eliminate boredom at your event! Brendan is able to assist with adding some life to the room and stimulate networking among your guests as Brendan or his team of magicians roam the room from group to group providing them the opportunity to witness mind-blowing magic up close and personal! They will witness sneaky pickpocketing as watches and wallets are lifted, amazing sleight of hand and experiencing the impossible in their own hands!